Our Trainers
All of our classes are staffed by highly qualified professional trainers. Our trainers off.er experience with all breeds of dogs. They are truly interested in you and your dog.

Lori Hamilton
Lori has been training dogs all her life but professionally for over 8 years. Lori Hamilton, was born and raised in Silicon Valley. She has trained over 800 dogs through individual and group training classes. As a balanced trainer, her methods effectively solve unwanted behaviors while making training fun and rewarding for both the owner and the dog. Lori trains dogs of all breeds, from the power breed down to the toy. Lori helps owners to be able to include and enjoy their dog as a positive member of the family. Her specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Dog/People aggression
  • Anxiety
  • Obedience Training
  • Power breeds
Dog training begins with assessing the goals and issues that each client is experiencing with their dog. Lori then empowers her clients with effective tools that will help create a dog they can take anywhere.

She uses a variety of techniques, toys, food, and other training methods to help her clients to achieve their goals. This includes correcting unwanted behaviors while teaching each dog to be an obedient and well–rounded member of their family.

Wendy Silveira
Rally Novice\Intermediate
Rally Advanced\Excellent\Masters

Wendy hails from South Africa where she began her love affair with dog training with her beloved Rough Collie, Rob Roy.

Moving to America she started training in Rally when it was still a non-regular class. Her passion for Rally was born with Chelsea, a spirited red field Golden who excelled in the Rally ring, As a team they epitomized the spirit of Rally: having fun in the ring and making it look easy. Sadly Chelsea lost her battle to Cancer when she was not yet 5.

Having fallen in love with Goldies, Wendy acquired her second golden from an excellent working line and went on to obtain her RE with Kelly Ann, a lovely blonde golden. Bitten by the Obedience bug, she has gone on to obtain Kelly's CD and is working on her Open title. Kelly's joie de Vie makes her an ideal dog for doggie dancing (Canine freestyle), which has become another passion of Wendy's.

In 2010 Kelly Ann was bred and Janey Full of Promise came into the world. Wendy is presently working on Rally with Janey. With her RN under her 'collar', Janey is living up to her name!

Wendy has judged Rally at all levels at numerous fun matches. As a long time English teacher, she enjoys interacting with her doggy students and imbuing them with her enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of dog training.

Dick Symons
Drop-In Conformation
Dick has been involved in training and exhibiting dogs for more than 40 years. Since his retirement from IBM as a programming analyst, he has really gone to the dogs - conformation, obedience, tracking, agility, herding, and pet assisted therapy!!! He is an experienced conformation and obedience trainer, Therapy Dogs International (TDI) evaluator, and a Mixed Breed Obedience and Tracking judge.

He admits that the capabilities (brains, beauty, alertness, energy) of his Belgian Tervuren far exceed his. He questions who is teaching who - "I teach them the human games and they teach me Life."

Dick and his wife (Sue) have four grown daughters and are proud grandparents to eight. The Sue/Dick team have shown in the US, Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico earning over 165 titles.

Symons' dogs include:

CH CT Cinema Angel Marjii Sylmons - UD, AX, AXJ, XF, HT, CGC, TDIRVA
Symons' Treasure Jessi - TD, NA, NAJ, NF, TDI

Belgian Tervuren of the past:
CH Hilton's Tammi Symons - CD
Int Ch Starwind's Jessi Symons - UDT, HT, CGC, TDI, C-O-P, BAR
Ch Symons' Treasure Dixxi - UDT, HS, CGC, TDIA
Ch Symons' Treasure Jeff - UDT, PT, CGC, TDI
Ch Symons' Treasure Jenni - UDT, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
Symons' Treasure Discovered - CDX, Dagger
Ch Symons' Treasure Harbor Light - VCD1, PT, CGC, TT, TDIA, Toro
Symons' Treasure Francci - CD, CGC, TDI
Ch CT Symons' Treasure Izzi - UD, OA, OAJ, PT, CGC, TT, TDIAOV
Ch Symons' Treasure Kurtiss - UD TD, OA, OAJ, PT, CGC and TDIAOV

Sue Pokart
Topics in Nosework

Since a child, Sue has loved animals and teaching, and has had a gift for working with both people and animals. Her life long goal has been to instill a love for learning and to enable each student, whether human or pet, to become all he/she is capable of becoming. Training should be fun and relevant to daily life.

Sue is a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and South Bay Trainers. She has worked as a dog trainer and consultant on dog behavior since 1979. She has taught pet obedience and competition obedience, both privately and for San Bruno Dog Obedience School and Fremont Dog Training Club, at all levels from puppy through utility.

Sue has competed in a variety of dog sports and activities with her dogs and has titled in obedience, conformation, agility, tracking and Nose Work, as well as competed in Scent Hurdle Racing. Three of her dogs trained for search and rescue skills. Several were also therapy Dogs. Currently, her two rescued dogs are training in Nose Work, Freestyle, Agility and dog tricks. Sue has been teaching Nose Work since the fall of 2010.